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Zones of Regulation

Is your child having trouble with social interactions or emotional regulation?

Zonesofregulation 01 Zones Of Regulation

If so, Children’s Therapy Services may be able to help using the Zones of Regulation program.

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum that helps children better regulate their actions to engage in EXPECTED behaviors for a given situation. This program teaches children to identify which ZONE, or state of alertness, they are in and how their behaviors impact the thoughts and feelings of others. Children expand their emotional vocabulary and learn to identify face and body clues for different emotions in both themselves and others. Then they develop their TOOLBOX by exploring different STRATEGIES to change their response/reaction to a problem in a more appropriate manner.

What Zone are You In?

Zonesofregulation 02 Zones Of RegulationIs Your Brain and Body Running…

…SLOW? You are in the BLUE Zone. You may be feeling sad, tired, sick, bored, or hurt.

…JUST RIGHT? You are in the GREEN Zone. You may be feeling good, happy, proud, calm, relaxed, or focused.

…FAST but IN CONTROL? You are in the YELLOW Zone. You may be feeling silly, frustrated, overwhelmed, excited, embarrassed, or confused.

…FAST and OUT OF CONTROL? You are in the RED Zone. You may be feeling angry, elated, terrified, or aggressive.

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