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Appropriate Gross Motor Skills

Appropriate Gross Motor Skills

Dear Parents,

Do you ever wonder if your child is demonstrating the gross motor skills they are expected to be performing at their age? Listed below are a few gross motor skills and the typical ages associated with them. If you feel your child isn’t keeping up with their peers in any of these categories, it may be a good idea to schedule a screening with the birth to three center in your community or with your pediatrician.

0-1 Months

  • Random arm and leg movements (both sides) while lying on their back1
  • Wroking to turn head to side while lying on their stomach?2

2-3 Months

  • Lifting head off the floor when lying on their stomach1
  • Beginning to push up onto forearms when lying on their stomach1

4-5 Months

  • Rolls from stomach to back1,2
  • Hands1 and feet2 to mouth
  • Pushes up with straight elbows when lying on their stomach2
  • Head control when pulled to sitting from lying on back1,2

6-8 Months

  • Rolls stomach to back and back to stomach1,2
  • Crawling begins1
  • Sits independently1,2
  • Starting to pull up to stand2
  • Bouncing in standing1

9-10 Months

  • Crawling mastered1,2
  • Moves into and out of sitting1
  • Pulls up to standing1
  • Lowers to floor from standing2
  • Cruises along furniture2

11-12 Months

  • Cruises along furniture1
  • Begins walking on own1,2


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