School Services

Special Education School

Children’s Therapy Services has been providing Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy services along with Special Education Services to the Western South Dakota region for over 12 years. Our therapists are on the road daily, traveling to multiple schools and Birth to 3/5 programs to ensure that each child receives the services laid forth by IDEA program. We work with children on IFSP and IEP programs hand in hand with the school/preschool special education staff so that the child may receive the services that are needed in order for that student to excel.

CTS will provide direct one on one therapy, group therapy or inclusive classroom therapy for our students depending on the schools needs and the needs of the child. We work closely with the administrative staff to ensure that services are adjusted to fit the needs of each program. We also work hand in hand with the teaching staff and special educators and welcome all feedback from parents regarding their child’s success in therapy.

Children’s Therapy Services is very proud of the relationships that we have developed with numerous schools, communities, families and programs over the past several years. We have a very dedicated staff that enjoy working with children of all ages and in all areas. We understand that education and early learning start at home within the family unit and take care to communicate often with families regarding their child’s success.

For more information about Children’s Therapy Services providing therapy in your school district, please call the number listed and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!