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Is it Really Autism?

Autism is a complex diagnosis because it can affect a child in many ways, including their personality, behaviors, ability or inability to communicate with others, their social skills and how they perceive the world around them. When you suspect or notice changes in your child, consult your child’s ediatrician. If your doctor feels as though the child needs further evaluating, they may refer you to a Clinical Psychologist and a Pediatric Therapy Clinic. The Clinical Psychologist will first visit with the child and the child’s family. If they feel that here is a need for further evaluation, she will involve the “Autism Team”. Children’s Therapy Services (CTS) believes that the best and most effective way to evaluate a child with Autism is through a Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach. This type of approach helps parents understand as much as possible about their child’s strengths and needs. CTS believes that the child and the child’s family should be fully engaged in the process. This is the best way to assist a child with an Autism diagnosis. Our Autism Team is made up of a Special Educator who observes comprehension, a Speech and Language Pathologist who will assess how the child chooses to communicate, an Occupational Therapist observing motor skills, a Physical Therapist assessing strength and of course, the Clinical Psychologist. These professionals will gauge your child through the “lens” of their expertise. After all the evaluations have tbeen done, the Autism Team is able to come together and discuss their findings, determining the best steps to take next. They work very closely with the family to provide education about the diagnoses an provide the family with numerous resources to assist both the child and the family.

An estimated
1 out of 42 BOYS and 1 in 189 GIRLS
are diagnosed with autism in the United States.

If your doctor feels as though the child needs further evaluating, he or she may refer you on to a Clinical Psychologist as well as a Pediatric Therapy Clinic. The Clinical Psychologist will first visit with the child and the child’s family. If they feel that there needs to be further testing and evaluating of the child, they will involve the

“Autism Team”.

Children’s Therapy Services Teams Up With Live.Move.Be. Therapy

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Children’s Therapy Services has an exciting announce that we are teaming up with Dr. Wendy Mullins and Craig Mullins, MA LCP of Live. Move. Be. (LMB) Therapy. We will work together as a team in providing Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Autism Evaluations to the Western portion of South Dakota.Dr. Wendy Mullins obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology in 2008 after specializing her training in clinical work with children. She enjoys using relationship-driven models that work to expand development while honoring the person’s individual differences. Craig Mullins, MA LPC obtained his Master of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, which promotes the study of the whole person. His experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with emotional and neurological disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and Autism; and families & couples to help them engage and relate more fully so they may function to their maximum potential.

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Helping Kids Make Connections

At CTS we believe in empowering kids! Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies along with Special Education Services allow kids to create connections that have a lasting impact

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Newbottompic01 Speech Therapy


is beneficial for children who have difficulty expressing themselves and difficulty understanding what is being
said to them.

Newbottompic02 Occupational Therapy


can be beneficial for children who may have sensory processing disorders, poor fine motor skills, difficulty with
balance and coordination.

Newbottompic03 Special Education Services


may be benefitial to a child who has fallen behind their peers. Special Education includes specially designed instruction, support, and services provided to students with a disability.

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difficulty with swallowing and are struggling with feeding issues.


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